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Conditions Treated

PMS, Irregular or Painful Periods, 

Menopause, Hormonal Disturbances,

Fertility, Pregnancy Support


Stress, Anxiety, Depression, 

Mood Swings, Insomnia, 

Cravings, Addiction


Preventative care, Post-op Recovery,

Chronic Fatigue


Constipation, Diarrhea, IBS, 

Acid Reflux, Gastritis


Bronchitis, Sinusitis, Asthma, Allergies,

Ear Infection, Hives, 

Skin Conditions, Eye Conditions


Endocrine, Diabetes, Thyroid, 

Hair loss, Cancer Support


Facial Rejuvination


Urinary Infection, Kidney Infection,

Cystitis, Blood Pressure, 

Fluid Retention, Dizzines


Arthritis, Sciatica, Joint Pain, Stiffness,

Headache, Migraine, TMJD

And More! 




"better than sex."

"Sophie is an attentive Acupuncturist, she provides a beautiful environment where one feels important and well cared for. After a few treatments I felt calmer, and less agitated. I have had a consistent rise in energy levels, as well as an over all balance in my emotions. I was new to Acupuncture when I started coming to Sophie but the benefits have been so impressive that I intend to use acupuncture for the rest of my life."

"Upon meeting Sophie, her warmth and kind nature put me at ease, but it was her methodical approach to my whole-body's health and deep knowledge of Traditional Medicine that let me know I was in expert hands."

“I feel like I'm going through Jedi Training. My mind is more at ease. I am not as haunted by my responsibilities. I am letting that which does not matter truly slide”

“I feel f***ing awesome.”

“I'm very picky about the holistic health practitioners I use, because there seem to be a few "half baked" ones out there.   Sophie's practice is the most top notch I have experienced.  Her Acupuncture technique was potent for me, immediately - and in part due to Sophie's wise listening and decision making about how to treat.   I continue to find it the most important thing I do for my overall health, in my middle age!   Sophie is also a lovely person to be around, and her office very charming and inviting. Her herbalism knowledge is the icing on the cake - as her recommendations have worked terrifically in conjunction with the needles.   Lots of gold stars for Sophie, all around!”

"When I was having regular Acupuncture with Sophie, was the best I ever felt my whole life.

“I felt kinda high and very relaxed for the rest of the day. My focus and concentration was so sharp last night. I slept well too. Today I feel great :)”


"I started Acupuncture with Sophie late into my first pregnancy when I was in a very uncomfortable state with physical aches and pains and the emotional whirlwind. Sophie was able to help relieve a lot of symptoms (and always full of great advice on how to cope between sessions.)  During treatment, she takes the time to explain what points will be helping with what ailment, and while still professional, able to talk to you like a friend, which made me feel at ease.  Also worth mentioning - my Chinese husband was very impressed with her work and postpartum herbal medicine prescriptions.  I look forward to each upcoming visit and highly recommend her services!"  

"I have been receiving Acupuncture treatments on a weekly basis with Sophie for several months now. Her  lovely office is calm and tranquil - a very soothing environment. One of the things I enjoy most about my treatments with Sophie is that she really listens when I address my concerns. She takes the time to ask questions as well, and by doing so I know that I am in good hands (literally!) I also appreciate that she shares her knowledge during the treatment. I have been very pleased and thankful for the remarkable results of her work."

"After my first appointment with Sophie for Fertility, I knew immediately that I would benefit both physically and spiritually.  I remember sharing that my mom passed the year before, and I felt it was something I was at peace with. During my first session, Sophie tapped into points that allowed me to express a release of emotions, which I was not expecting at all. I left feeling amazing, and I continue to experience benefits from weekly treatments. Now I am expecting my first child, and I know that Acupuncture with Sophie has helped get me here. It keeps me centered and contributes to my well-being. Sophie is a gifted and talented Acupuncturist and Herbalist. I truly appreciate and trust her treatment and care, and recommend her to anyone interested in Acupuncture."

"PMS & Anxiety that I've had many years were significantly reduced after just a few treatments." 

“For the first time in my life I am finally getting to know who I really am, as I no longer have horrendous mood swings for 2-3 weeks of every month. I am calm and even, and don’t even know my period is coming until is simply arrives.”

I just wish I'd discovered Acupuncture sooner - I thought women's issues were unavoidable but now I know all that suffering was not necessaryAll women need to know about this!"


“I decided to try acupuncture before surgery for tendonitis and arthritis.  I was unable to move my fingers, had painful, heaviness in my legs and arms.  I was patient with my expectations, and over a course of treatments, things began to improve.  My fingers are no longer painful and are unlocked.  The pain in my legs has stopped.  I am no longer waking up in pain.  I am walking up and down stairs.  This is a gradual process, not something that happens overnight.  Sophie is very caring and thoughtful in her approach to healing. She has a light touch.  She is not heavy handed with the needles.  If something does not feel right she will make adjustments.”

"I love this place! I've been going for Acupuncture for 5 weeks now and I just love the environment and Sophie is amazing! I came here due to lower back pain and I was hoping for even a little bit of relief. I was not expecting to see results so quickly, I'm blown away. The debilitating pain I felt has disappeared and I feel like I have been given a new lease of life.  After the first session, I noticed some dramatic improvement and with each passing week, I’ve felt better and better. Sophie’s office is a very relaxing place and the overall experience with Sophie herself is very calming. She really put me at ease during my first visit and takes a huge interest in her patients and our health issues. I highly recommend this Acupuncture office and Sophie herself, you’ll be delighted you went!"

My first experience with Acupuncture and Sophie has made significant difference in my wrist.  After getting injured at work as a NYC Plumber and dealing with  chronic pain for years, I definitely see an improvement to my work, drumming and riding my motorcycle.  I highly recommend Acupuncture with Sophie Young!"

"My new Acupuncture regime has me walking better and sleep is way more abundant - creeping on six to eight hours a night now, from a maximum of four just a couple of weeks ago”